MAX 906 1280 velvet

Telling a beautiful story requires a seamless flow and putting the right words together and designing a perfect maxi dress comes in the same pattern of seamless flow and putting the right design. A maxi dress is like a beautiful story, told perfectly from top to bottom and has no flaws.

Maxi dresses are so in season and you definitely want to own one or two in your closet. Maxi dresses are long length, flowy and made from breathable fabric. They are so comfortable to wear, chic and the best part is they accentuate any body type. They are a current obsession for me especially with the weather in Nigeria.

The versatility of a maxi dress can never be over emphasized as you can wear them for numerous occasions. Brunch with the girls, picnic dates, garden party, naming ceremony, weddings, etc.

Here are some of my favorite maxi dresses and the brands that created them.

They are the perfect spring/ summer staple and you need them in that vacay suitcase you are preparing to pack up. You can also catch some new photos of how I styled my new maxi dress from Justdresses by Joy.

I enjoyed creating this look so much. Are you shopping these maxi dresses for your closet or are you not chilling with the big girls?

Which of these brands house your favorite maxi dress? you can comment below. Have a great week and see you in my next blogpost.