Dear reader, Happy Sunday! how are you doing today? I am going to be sharing with you a timeless piece of accessory that has changed my style forever.

Instagram influencers wearing this mini and medium sized hoops became a trend and I found it really cute. I decided to try it and I can tell you for a fact that it was worth the try.

Hoops automatically give your outfit the cute, boujee, classy lift any accessory would give to an outfit.

The best part is it can be rocked with anything. You can rock them on traditional wear, lounge wear, date outfits, even they work for formal and informal occasions. They’re the perfect set of accessories.

I honestly think that every girl, lady and woman should own a pair of these gorgeous set of hoops. They even work for men that have piercings. There are different types of hoops, so you can definitely find one for every occasion and one that works for you.

These gorgeous set are from TiffenyOfficial.

Getting these hoops will definitely give you that very cute and classy look. They elevate your outfit from basic to stunner real quick. You necessarily don’t have to do too much.

cc: Pinterest

Please check them out, style them and tag me in your photos. I’d love to see and share. Thank you for reading. Have a lovely week ahead, xx.